Landing soon in Dumfries: Club Queer

We are only a few sleeps away from meeting CLUB QUEER for the very first time!

Image source: Devine Tension

So, what the heck is it and why should YOU care?!

Okay, imagine a space filled with a community of people who are filled with the desire for self-love. They want to feel good amongst people who feel good. In this place, you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever you want to do, as long as it harms no other. You accept all that you see with a smile and sense of belonging as you too express yourself in a larger-than-life stance! The lights are low and you’re finding it hard to believe you didn’t have to travel too far to get here…

Sound good? Intrigued? Well, CLUB QUEER IS FOR YOU!

Image source: Devine tension

Hosted by D&G’s very own powerhouse Devine Tension, fresh and straight up from sold out shows in London Town, she wants to make a difference to your local night life. So much so, she’s dedicated the past year to creating the perfect underground queer club night. Think clubland meets drag cabaret meets comedy meets camp and eccentric meets YOU!


Out of drag, Devine Tension is Dillon Colthart, a Dumfries born and bred artist who has been motivated to finding a way of expressing himself. Dillon created larger than life Devine as an outlet to help express all the different parts of his personality. He was the only male to dance in Body Electric’s troop for years and pays homage to his dance teachers for who he has become today. He is inspired by his audiences and their responses to his work alongside the love they show and share before, during and after each performance.

Dillon is no stranger to bullying and loss and truly believes you are “political just by being who you are.” He knows we must “not be afraid to keep going, try new things and make things happen” to create a better world, for whoever you are.

“An underground club drag night in Dumfries is something that is needed!” Dillon has ensured to involve and collaborate with as many locally sourced artists who live and breathe Dumfries in his first hometown show. Dillon’s advice to anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps are as follows:

"Make a conscious effort with your audience

Do not be afraid to message people and to ask for help

Shake people’s hands!

Know your worth and try your very best not to be taken advantage of

Know your boundaries

Network, network, network…

Above all else, CELEBRATE YOUR ART!"

We at Network of Artists wish Dillon all the very best for Club Queer and hope this is the first of many events like this, held in Dumfries town centre, on a Saturday night.

Support your local drag gang x

There are a limited number of tickets available, get them while they last, Ticket link:

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