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At Wigtown Festival Company we aspire to make Dumfries & Galloway a better place to be a reader and a writer - a place where literature changes lives.

Wigtown Festival Company (WFC) grew out of the community project to regenerate Wigtown by turning it into a Book Town following the closure of the distillery and creamery in Bladnoch during the 1990s.

Our organisation delivers the annual autumn 10-day Wigtown Book Festival (WBF), which in 2019 consisted of 290 individual events and had an audience of over 29,000. In 2020 we hosted our first (we hope only) entirely digital festival with 100 online events and a live audience of over 30,000 people. This festival includes programmes for adults, children and young people, as well as a separate education programme run in partnership with Dumfries & Galloway Education and Learning.

As well as WBF, we run a year-round programme of events and activities across Dumfries & Galloway. These include: Wigtown Writers' Gathering; Big Dog – Dumfries’ children’s Book Festival; Hooked - a young readers and writers event; Big Bang science festival; Wigtown Poetry Prize; and writer mentoring. We also convene the new Scottish Book Festivals Network and are currently engaged in a three year project with partners from Ireland, Northern Ireland and Finland to research and deliver new literary tourism products and services with businesses in the region.