Jodie Barnacle-Best



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Community arts, Community engagement, Fashion design, Participatory arts, Textile design


I am an award-winning first-class textile design graduate specialising in knitwear. Currently I am studying for a Masters in Fashion and Textiles at the Glasgow School of Art. My practice involves the investigation of 'the everyday' and focuses on using local resources and local production wherever possible. Colour and materiality are at the heart of my practice as a knitwear designer but I also have experience tailoring this knowledge to other textile areas such as print (both digital and screen printing).

Coming out of my Masters I am keen to start expanding my practice to involve community-making, introducing an 'interactive' element to the fashion design process. My personal career ambitions over the coming years are to work on demystifying the fashion space through fostering connections between garment maker/designer, wearer and clothes themselves, in the hopes of re-instilling emotional value into clothing in the 21st century. I am also open to work and commissions and would love to be involved in fashion or textile design work for responsible and ethically aware brands.