Chelsie Nash



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Dumfries & Galloway

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Community arts, Performance / Drama, Photography, Poetry, Production, Socially engaged arts, Voice


An actor and writer with experience in modelling and producing. Enjoys creating characters that defy stereotypes and social expectations. Currently being silly for a living.

I have been on the local creative scene since around 2018, and have since gone on to work on projects with Big Burns Supper (Trainee Producer), the Stove Network (Lowland: A Play For Your Ears In Two Chapters) and Moat Brae House - where I am currently working as a Casual Creative Practitioner.

I am a regular at the Stove's monthly open mic night, Brave New Words, where I normally do short solo character performances that can include comedy, storytelling and poetry. In my work, I aim to create interesting characters that go against the status quo.

While I have been focusing on comedy recently, I am eager to explore a variety of genres, themes and styles, and I always look forward to meeting and working with fellow local artists.