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About NOA Membership
Why join 

NOA: Network of Artists is a hub for creatives. There are many organisations and projects both locally and nationally doing fabulous work within the creative industry and the wider community but sometimes as a creative being yourself, it can feel hard to navigate, digest or simply have an awareness of the things happening around you that may be of interest to you and your creative practice. NOA hopes to make this process easier for you. We are building an online Directory of Artists alongside pages of opportunities and events so that hopefully we have everything in one place. So that creatives, like you, are able to browse a variety of different artists, find new opportunities and projects to include yourself in, alongside discovering organisations to get involved with. Below, we explain a little bit more about how your NOA membership works.

Becoming a NOa Member

Becoming a NOA member is easy, fast and FREE. A simple sign up means we do not require much information for you to create an account.


When you have become a NOA member you will have access to our databases of the NOA Directory, events, opportunities and Connect our social platform. 


Please know that becoming a NOA member is about access, and is not related to being featured in our NOA Directory. We know that not all creatives want to put themselves out there publicly and this is why the NOA membership primarily promotes accessibility. There may come a time when you feel you want to feature yourself in the NOA Directory and this you can do at any time by being a NOA Member. 

What do I get from becoming a 
NOA member?

You will get access to:


  • NOA Directory: this is a growing database of artists and organisations who have signed up to be featured in our Directory, you can find out about other artists in your area and also organisations/projects. 


  • Opportunities: with a vast database of opportunities currently available, we are constantly adding new opportunities which you can filter and find the ones that suit your creative practice. 


  • Events: a database of all kinds of creative events, which can include anything from free workshops, training, and things you may want to attend like music events, theatre and festival events.


  • Connect: Our social platform within NOA, is a space dedicated to allowing you to share current projects, your work if you want, to have discussions and socialise with other NOA Members. 

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Become a NOa Member