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08/09/21, 17:00

08/09/21, 18:30

Award-winning Art AI Festival online programme, accompanying a series of creative AI artworks being exhibited in Leicester during 2021-22

The 2021 Art AI Festival programme will be available online in 2021 (see website for details of each of our speakers) -

30 June @ 5.00-6.00pm UTC+1 (BST): Deep Dreams & Masks: Two of our exhibiting artists, Alex Mordvintsev and Harshit Agrawal, discuss their art and practice. More HERE.

5 July @ 5.30-7.00pm UTC+1 (BST): Art AI Festival & EVA Panel: The Future of Creative AI: with Melanie Lenz, Ernest Edmonds, Lucy Sollitt and Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrom chaired by Tracy Harwood. This event follows an afternoon of practice-based research presentations on Creative AI at EVA (please register for EVA separately). More HERE.

8 Sept @ 5.00-6.30pm UTC+1 (BST): Filmmaking & Musicking: Another of our exhibiting artists, Ben Bogart, discusses his art and practice, followed by a live robot orchestral performance created by Craig Vear. More HERE.

13 Oct @ 5.30-6.30pm UTC+1 (BST): Co-Location: Dubai Expo & Leicester: Two of our exhibiting artists, Ernest Edmonds and Fabrizio Poltronieri, discuss their co-located artworks being shown simultaneously at the Dubai Expo and venues in Leicester. More HERE.

Please note: we will be recording events as they happen in Zoom. If you do not want to be recorded as a participant, please sign-up to the Live Stream. We will be taking both the Zoom and the Live Stream chat comments and questions into consideration in the Q&A discussions parts of our webinars, which will also be recorded and made accessible on our YouTube channel.


5 May @ 6.00-7.30pm UTC+1 (BST): Welcome & Performance by Improbotics: Launch and introduction by Festival Director, Tracy Harwood followed by Improbotics, a live comedy improv performance with Q&A. More about the launch event HERE and here for RECORDING of the live event.

2 June @ 5.00-6.00pm UTC+1 (BST): AI in Arts & Deepfakes: A talk on the state of the art in creative AI by Festival curator, Luba Elliott, followed by one of our exhibiting artists, Libby Heaney, who discusses her art and practice, including Q&A. More HERE and link here for the RECORDING of the live event.