Code of Conduct 

We want to make sure that the Network of Artists is a safe space for both the artists in the directory who have listed their contact information and the individuals accessing this information to help broaden the creative landscape. That's why here at NOA - Network of Artists we have an application process for being listed in the directory as an artist and all members who sign up to access this information will need to be accepted by the team here at Network of artists. This way we can ensure that no bots or spam companies are accessing this information in the directory. We have also come up with some guidance on the dos and don’ts of the Directory. 


We have no responsibility for safeguarding interactions as a website that pertains to essentially provide information to users of the site, however, we do feel morally obligated to promote internet safeguarding guidance, see below the Directory DO’S and DON’TS. 


DO Trust your instinct: if you are either the artist communicating with an individual or the individual communicating with an artist you have found in the directory. if something feels wrong it probably is. If for whatever reason, the person you’re speaking to online is making you feel uneasy, just drop all contact. It’s not worth the risk. Trust your gut!


DO tell someone you're going to meet an individual you have connected with on Network of Artists. It's great to make new creative friends but just to be safe inform a person you trust that you're meeting a new person, your whereabouts, date and time, just to be safe! 


DO meet in public places, take the creative discussion to a local cafe and support a local business. Win-win! Coffee and creative chats. 


DO be aware of money requests, if any artists you're in communication with requests you send them money then cease all communications, same for any member who may be contacting the artists if a person was to request money from an artist in the directory, cease all communications. Either way, this may happen, report to us here at Network of Artists. We must say though that this is about requesting money, if any artists or organisation was to essentially supply a job or commission through a connection they have made through the network of artists then great, happy days whilst we see this is a platform for artists to connect and gain invaluable experiences through skills sharing, if collaboration aids paid work then that's an even better outcome of using the network of artists. Just no requesting money is our guidance on this platform.  


DON’T tell them your private information, do not share personal addresses, forms of identification, or any personal information. Every step is undertaken by Network of Artists to ensure those listed in the directory and members who have signed up to use the site are legitimate people and not fraudulent scammers or data scrapers, but we do have to account for the very small possible chance of someone using the site for malicious intent. In a situation where this information may be asked, cease all communications and report to the Network of Artists.


Whilst this code of conduct may seem jarring giving examples of extreme do’s and don’ts, we are fully aware that for most people not doing certain things or sharing certain information is second nature, however, it is our responsibility to make sure we promote internet safeguarding. For further detail on this see our terms and conditions anyone who breaches the code of conduct or the terms and conditions will be investigated and immediately banned from Network of Artists.